02 August 2012

Birthday Presents

The powder is Hogden H380, on the recommendation of the guy behind the counter because it's ball powder so it's easier to meter. It was either that or IMR 4350, and the counter guy said they were ballistically similar otherwise.

The Galco was an impulse purchase, I have a Tuck N' Go but never really have been overly fond of the J hook that depends on the waistband of the pants to hold the holster and gun in position. It holds the pistol very well, it is a good concealed carry, and I like the fact that the J hook is harder to see and it is possible to tuck a shirt, but I haven't been tucking my shirts as much lately anyway.

The Stow N' Go is basically the same holster only with a belt clip instead of the J hook. The good thing is that there is more support since the belt clip goes over the belt and uses it for extra support. The downside is that the Stow N' Go doesn't allow for tucking a shirt, but as I said I'm not as prone to do that these days. I'll continue to use the Tuck N' Go for that if I need to. Of course both of them will very likely go into the holster box forever as soon as my Fugly gets here.

The little light was also an impulse purchase, I've been thinking a bit about what Tam said regarding having a light handy and it's a good idea. It's a Nano Light made by Streamlight, it has it's own little clip to put it on a key chain that is easy to detach, and is pretty bright given its diminutive size. And for the price, I couldn't beat it.

Best of all I've found a new merchant of death at which to spend my money, it's close to the shooting range so I can drop by on range days and it has lots of stuff to tempt me.

On second thought, that might not be such a good thing...


Robert Fowler said...

I have one of those holsters. I rarely use it, but when I do i love it.

Larry said...

I'm expecting to like it just fine, I liked the Tuck N' Go.
Thanks for dropping by Robert!

Knitebane said...

Is Mace Sports new? I haven't been out in the Mebane area for about 5 years (other than driving past it on I40) but before that gun shops were kinda hard to come by.

BTW, what range do you go to that's near Mebane?

Stephen said...

I purchased the same holster for my wife just a couple of days ago...love Galco. Bet I have two boxes filled with 'em.

Larry said...

Knitebane, I don't know how long they've been there, but it has been for as long as I've been going through there. My range partner is a member of the Durham Pistol and Rifle Club so I go shoot on his ticket.

Stephen, I like my Tuck N' Go and I am sure I will like the Stow N' Go just as much.

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

You were within five minutes of my house, yet couldn't be bothered to stop by and say hello. Some friend you are!

Seriously, hope you had a good birthday.

As for the powder, do you have reload data on it for the 6.5 Jap using your chosen projectiles? I don't. All I had was the IMR. Hodgdon doesn't have published data either, although they do have a load for both 120 and 140 grain for H380. I reckon we'd be safe to split the difference for the 129gr Hornady bullets, especially since the difference between the 120 & 140 for both the starting and max load is two grains.

You still thinking about next week for a training session?

Larry said...

Yeah, I thought about dropping by but I didn't know what your work schedule was like. I figured I'd catch flak for it, and so I have! :D

I have some data from Chuck Hawks (online) and what came with the dies, I don't know how it translates for the powder I have.

Next week still works for me, I'm off Thurs-Sat. Let me know what works for you.

Larry said...

Dear Daniel - I don't do advertising. Buy yourself a billboard. BTW, this is one of the reasons why my comments are moderated.
blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

We'll figure the load out, probably starting lower mid-range on the 140gr data (lighter charge). We know that it is a compatible powder, since there are published loads for it in that caliber for both lighter and heavier bullets.

I'm off Wed thru Sat (not sure how that happened, but I'm not complaining) so whenever suits you will be fine with me. Pick a day and time, e-mail me, and we'll get r done.

Larry said...

Sounds good!