06 November 2012

Cast Your Vote

Today is the day, and like the song says...if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

Two things of note at the polling place today. First, the guy in the booth next to me when I started was OC'ing. Technically a no-no since the polling place was on educational property, but no one seemed to mind. I left mine locked in the trucklet.

Second thing is one of the candidates for a local race (county local) is a Mustang enthusiast. I saw her one day on the road and my little Firefly got a thumbs up from her, she was driving an 06 mint green V6 with her campaign signs on it. I had to look her up when I got home. She was at the polling place, I told her she got my vote just for the Mustang (not really but it helped).

I did not see any shenanigans at the polling place, which is to be expected since we're a little out of the way here on the back side of nowhere. In and out in less than 5 minutes, no muss no fuss.

I think JayG is wrong, BTW. Based on my SWAG (Scientific Wise-Ass Guess) method of counting car stickers and yard signs NC is going red this time, possibly in a big way.

I guess we will see tonight.


Da Curly Wolf said...

We'll just have to wait and see my friend. But one way or another I think it might very well get bloody after this election is over. If Obama loses the blacks and the rest of the welfare class will riot most likely. It'll last for a couple days to a week or so but will in all probability peter out in a month or so at most.

In the last week we've had stories of those places that use the Electroic Tablets to vote[like here where I live] having their votes changed from Romney to Obama. We have a report this morning from philidelphia of Democrat Election Judges throwing their GOP contemporaries off the premises, and those same premises are once again being "guarded" by the mother fucking New Black Panthers. Now on the election judge thing the state courts just told the Dhimmikrats to let the GOP judges back into those places. Even if they do though...how many votes have been changed either with the connivance of the voters or through the intimidation of those fuckers in in the New Black Panther party that are there at the polls? Oh and how many people have been allowedd to vote twice using falsified cards for dead people? All while the GOP judges are absent?

I give you HOW TO STEAL AN ELECTION 101, by the DNC. If more stories come out like this today and Obama wins? Kiss the dream and great experiment that was America goodbye. At that point nothing means a damn anymore.

Larry said...

Peaceful transfer of power has been an American hallmark for two centuries.

Unfortunately voter and election fraud has been as well.

The "Win at all costs" crowd should understand that eventually all public officials serve at our pleasure, and sometimes "all costs" is a pretty heavy price to pay.

I hope that you are wrong, but I fear that you are right. Time will tell.

Thanks for dropping by CW!

Da Curly Wolf said...

Siiiigh....I HATE being right sometimes!

Larry said...

Look on the bright side...Alan West can be our candidate next time around...

And at least there weren't any riots.

Thanks for dropping by CW.