22 November 2012



eiaftinfo said...

Pretty good lookin' tree there sir! Great tradition!

RabidAlien said...

Heh. We always put up Christmas decorations on Black Friday, too...but we don't have our own personal Star of Bethlehem outside our window. Did you get that at WalMart?

MSgt B said...

Jeez. Don't let my wife see that.

Trying to hold off on the tree for a week or two.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Hey. I'm headed to NC week-after-next. East end of the state. Drop me a line. (Dec 4-5)

Larry said...

Bill, we skipped it the last two years, this year it just felt right.

RA, they sell EVERYTHING at WalMart. :D

MSgt B, I'm putting off getting the outside lights up. Email sent!

Thanks for dropping by everyone!