16 November 2012

In Search Of

It's cold in a tree stand, and it's a long way to climb.

It's even worse climbing down but at least gravity helps. This is not always a good thing.

I could have bagged my limit of tree rats, but I think 7.62x54R is a bit of overkill for them.

Speaking of 7.62x54R, Mosin Nagant is the very definition of "long gun".

I found Fusion cartridges so next time I'll use the Saiga. Max range is going to be less than 100 yards so it should do fine.

And finally, I saw more deer (one, to be exact) on the way home.


MSgt B said...


You have to get yourself into a "Brigid" mindset. Enjoy the breeze whispering and the beauty of a single snowflake, etc..

While your keester is freezing to the seat in your treestand.

It helps, really.

Larry said...

I have a better idea. I'll find a good looking redhead who likes to hunt and I'll put the coffee on for her when she gets home.

Thanks for dropping by MSgt B!

Robert Fowler said...

You can always use that Mosin to club them. Saves on ammo. I like the redhead idea. If you find one, see if she has a sister.

Larry said...

Hell, if I had the bayonet on it I could stab them and never leave the tree stand.
If only I could find a redhead that thought my idea was a good one I'd be all set.
Thanks for dropping by Robert!