03 November 2013


I'm thinking of seeing if this or this will fit my Type 30 Arisaka carbine.

This is my favorite gun, but I can't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside with it, mostly due I think to a combination of old eyes and battlefield sighting (300 meters). It shoots insanely high at 100 yards, so much so that I have to aim under the target to hit paper. A good piece of glass should alleviate both of these problems.

The S&K runs $81 before shipping, the Accumount runs $89 shipped, but I don't know which one would be best. I think I like the looks of the S&K a little better, but the Accumount has the advantage of being a Weaver rail (and thus, greater number of choices for optic types).

The downside to this is that I would no longer be able to use this rifle for the VMBAR matches...not that I've been to one yet, and with the aforementioned eyes and elevation issues I don't imagine I would do very well anyway. Plus, I'd have to invest in a good piece of glass. I don't think the $20 Tasco .22 caliber Mart of Walls scope would hold up so well under the 6.5x50 recoil.

On the plus side, the mount looks like it should go right on without having to modify the rifle (screws through the old rear sight pivot pin holes and a special fastener installed in place of the rear sight leaf spring) so neither require modification past removing the old rear sight (a bonus to collectors who cringe in horror at the thought). The Type 30 is not a lot different from the Type 38, the biggest difference being in the bolt, so I think it should work.

I'm just not all that excited about dropping nearly a C note to find out.

UPDATE: Well, I done dood it...let's see how it turns out.

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