07 November 2013

Dear Harris Teeter,

As one of North Carolinas concealed weapons permit holders, I'd like to thank you for not posting.

There is a new store that just opened near Wake Forest, it's on my way home from work. Although it is a bit far away for my regular weekend shopping it will certainly be my go-to store for any day-to-day needs that pop up.

(I'll be discreet and carry concealed.)

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel


Robert said...

How would the whiners in the article like it if CCW holders starting agitating for signs prohibiting (some aspect of the whiners)because we were "afraid they would suddenly start preaching or singing or breast feeding or or... I gotta go take my blood pressure meds. geez.

Larry said...

We're doing them one better, the CCW holders around here make a habit of telling the posted stores why we don't do business with them. GRNC is pretty vocal.

Thanks for dropping by Robert!