15 November 2013


A scout mount designed for a T99 full length battle rifle will not fit on a carbine length T30. My hope is that a local machine shop can put a hole where I need it so that I can end up using it anyway, I've taken some measurements and I'll check with them today.

One scuffed wheel on the 'stang turned into one scuffed wheel and one bent wheel. After work yesterday morning I stopped by the tire store to have the scuffed one taken care of and they found the bent one while they were checking the balance to rotate the other 3 wheels. Almost twice what I was expecting to pay, but now they are right again.

Yesterday I wanted some spaghetti and meatballs. I loaded the meatballs into the crock pot, covered them with sauce and turned them on to cook. About then I remembered my son-in-law telling me the stove had suffered a catastrophic failure, he was using the oven, heard a pop and saw a flash of light, and everything died.  It was the control panel, when I removed it and looked at the backside of the board the frying was quite evident. Almost 100 FRN's (thanks for that expression Range Partner!) and it will be here this morning. Fortunately meatball subs are good, too.

Sunday it was 70 degrees. Monday evening/Tuesday morning it was f'n cold, and by Tuesday evening there were snow flurries in the forecast. When I left work for the tire store yesterday morning at 7 AM it was 26 degrees. This Sunday they're saying it could be back up to 70. When the weather changes here, it doesn't muck about.

And that's life at the Refuge. Hope your days have been good ones.

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