09 November 2013

Yes I Know

political posts have been thin on the ground here lately (but there are all kinds of new recipes!). You want the latest in politics go see Ace or RSM. I'm trying to watch the blood pressure (of course, some of the aforementioned recipes probably aren't helping in that regard).

So what I did this weekend...I put the boards up that I had painted for the corner of the house I knocked off with the lawnmower, that's done and it looks presentable. I actually painted them last Saturday when the weather was warmer and, I kid you not, as the last swipe of paint went on a rain shower came through and ruined all my work, so instead of hanging them last Sunday before going to work I scraped and painted instead. Son In Law helped me hang them and caulk them and I think it looks pretty good for the work of a couple of amateurs.

I also went in to the tire store and made an appointment to get a curbed wheel fixed on the 'stang. Right front yet again. It was a little dinged anyway, but when I took Eldest Son to the courthouse to pay a bit on his fines I got it really good pulling into the parking spot. That poor wheel catches hell, and it's funny because the tire store guy says it's usually the right rear that gets it. No sidewall on the tire means that any contact, however slight, gouges the wheel up. It gets fixed Thursday morning, and the tires get rotated, so the next one that gets gouged will be the one that is on the rear right now. (note to the car gods, that's a joke, alright?)

And now I'm working Saturday instead of my normal Wednesday because one of the opposite night shift worker bees is taking some well deserved time off. Thus begins my working week then, 5 in a row this time.

I hope you have a good week!

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