27 November 2013

Here's Something

I just got an interesting email:

Eric here from over at Ammoman.com, congrats to you and hunting partner and bagging some deer this year. Things are just heating up up here in terms of the gun season and I'm hoping to get out to fill my tag this weekend.

I'm writing to give you a heads up about something pretty cool we're doing Friday. Basically, we'll have ammo for dirt-cheap after clearing out our warehouse, salvaging cosmetically damaged ammo from dented/scratched boxes and loose-packing the rounds for pretty ridiculous prices. (For example - 2100 rounds of .22 delivered in an ammo can for $99).

You can see all the details and calibers we'll have in stock here if you think it's worth passing along to other shooters: http://www.ammoman.com/ammo-by-the-pound

If you think it's worth sharing, the ammo will be put "in-stock" on Friday morning at midnight. We're limiting each caliber to one per customer since it is kind of a unique deal and we want to help as many shooters as possible. Just thought you might be interested.

Take care, thanks for taking the time, and have a great Thanksgiving --- I hope some venison will be on the table!



Note to FTC: I have no professional relationship with ammoman.com and I have not been compensated in any way for this post, but I will certainly be spending some of my money there Friday morning.


RabidAlien said...

Manohmanohman....I gotta do some SERIOUS digging under the couch cushions when I get home...9mm at that price?!? ::eyes kiddo's piggybank::

Larry said...

For shame!

(the kid's piggy bank doesn't have that much, I already checked.)

RabidAlien said...