06 April 2009

A Brief Interruption

Blogging will be light for the next few days.

My mother-in-law has been in the hospital for the past few weeks, and Saturday she went on a ventilator. As soon as SWMBO found out about it she loaded the car up and we went to the in-laws, that very night.

Mother has been having heart problems, which has lead to muscle weakness, and one day she fell and Pop was unable to get her back up. She's been in the hospital ever since, she's been depressed and that doesn't help. I think she's just sick and down and feeling useless, like no one needs her any more, so that's why the depression.

The good news is that her arrival seems to have done wonders for her mother, Mom was awake and waiting for us last night when we got to the hospital. We had visited earlier in the day but she was asleep and only woke up just before we left. I don't think it had quite dawned on her that we were here until later, so she was ready for us when we got back.

Pop is totally lost without her but he's putting on a good front. Wife and daughter cleaned up his house for him, wife promised mother to look after him for a while. I'm hoping that seeing wife gives mother a bit of heart and will speed her recovery.

It is quite likely that I will end up leaving wife here for a while and come back for her later. It will be hectic around the Refuge with her gone, but I think we can manage, and I think she will be of more use here until mother gets to feeling better.

Long term plans are to get them closer to the Refuge so that wife can look in on them every day. Pop says he doesn't want to deal with the snow, but he also agrees that maybe it's time, and the wife is not in an accommodating mood just now. They have resisted moving closer so far, using the excuses of the weather and that they don't want to "be a burden" on us (the wife is an only child), but wife has just about had it with excuses I think.

I don't know what the problem is with being a burden. That's why I had children, I fully intend to be a burden to all of them. Payback and all that. I might even live long enough to be a burden to my grandchildren, it all depends on how ornery I get to feeling.

Eldest daughter, on the other hand, has strictly forbidden either one of us from ever getting old. How are we going to be a burden if we do that, I'd like to know?

Anyway, light if at all, yadda yadda. Whadda ya want fer nothin?


none said...

I hope she gets better. Depression really can make an illness even worse.

At least she has you guys.

Anniee451 said...

There's sure been more than enough heartbreak to go around of late, I can see that. I'm so sorry - take care of you and yours the best you can. God bless.

Larry said...

Thanks Annie

Larry said...

The doc seems to think that the depression was making matters worse, and I tend to agree with him. She seems a lot happier right now, so I'm hopeful that she's gotten herself in the healing mood. I just wish I had forced the issue sooner and sent the wife down a week ago.
Thanks for dropping by Hammer.