14 April 2009


Apparently you don't actually need SEALs, all you really need are dolphins.

Who knew?


Anniee451 said...

Oh, that's brilliant! I love the Engrish!

The pirates could only lament their littleness - lol. Nice one.

Larry said...

That's supposed to be LOLspeak, like what you find at LOLcats. I guess my 1337 puter skillz are lacking.
It's still a funny story, though.

Anniee451 said...

D'oh! Well it's a pretty good approximation of Engrish, to tell you the honest truth. (A lot of LOL people are well versed in Engrish.) Here are roughly 100 pages of some of the most hilarious ACTUAL Engrish signs and stuff from Asian countries everywhere: http://engrishfunny.com/ A very pleasant diversion, just like your dolphins story :) Sorry if I ruined the joke anyway - I have a habit of doing that :(

Larry said...

No harm, no foul.

MAS1916 said...

Since this is the way the Leader communicates on his Blackberry, it seems appropriate.

Note to the blog host... be aware that you are now on Janet Napolitano's list of subversives.

Larry said...

We're all h8rz now. At least I'm in good company.