06 April 2009

Four Possible Future Darwin Awards

So, there are four guys wandering around the Texas countryside killing dogs, just for fun.

They motor up to this guy's house and kill his dog.

This guy takes offense at his dog being killed, so he chases the punks down and holds them for the Texas Rangers.

The four punks talk smack to him, saying they are going to hunt him down and kill him because he turned them in to the police.

Good luck with that. Have your life insurance policies paid up to date before you try it.

I notice two things, first that they got awfully brave when the Texas Rangers came along to rescue them, second that the Rangers knew immediately who they were talking to.

I'm guessing that the four punks wouldn't be missed much.


none said...

In those cases Texas Rangers need to carry shovels instead of handcuffs.

Larry said...

No argument there Hammer. What was really absurd to me was the way these four told Marcus, in front of the Texas Rangers, that they were going to kill him next.
If 250+ Taliban didn't get the job done, I doubt that four dog-murdering punks are going to do it. (BTW, if you haven't read "Lone Survivor" it is a good read.)
If they were to just disappear one day I don't know that anyone besides their own mothers would miss them.