28 April 2009

Stage One

I arrived at my Florida destination this morning just in time for SWMBO and Pop to go to the VA, get his eye looked at (the post op looks good, the cataract surgery was a success for the left eye, right eye happens in about a month) and go see MIL at the hospital.

Tomorrow we will go see MIL, I have to check the daughter's car out, and then we will start our meandering journey back home. We're planning a coastal trip rather than an I-95 one, it should be much more restful this way.

Of course today I got a message saying my photos from the Roanoke trip are in. I'll try to get some posted at the end of the week, along with any that I take this week that catches my fancy.

The news stories of the day are SWINE FLU PANDEMIC!!! and the idiotic trip of Air Farce One over New Yawk City.

First, less than 100 cases of swine flu in a nation of 300 million is not yet a cause for widespread panic. As I watched the news I was struck by the obvious attempts of the "reporters" to create a big issue (and thus a big news story) out of it, and the experts were all making variations on the "it's a cause for concern but not alarm" theme.

It's more severe in Mexico and overseas, which says a lot for both our standard of living and also for our much-maligned medical care system. Wash your hands and get a shot if you are in the at-risk demographic, other than that I've heard TheraFlu does wonders.

Second, Bambi claims he knew nothing about his airplane being used for a photo shoot. I'm not convinced. The "American Idol" president didn't know anything about a photo shoot involving the aircraft that becomes Air Force One when he's aboard, right. Pull the other one, it's got bells.

Be that as it may, the brain child that cooked up this idea needs to find new employment and the pilots that flew the mission rather than saying "Hey, this is a REALLY DUMB idea" need to be re-assigned to the "rubber dogsqueeze to Hong Kong" route.


none said...

good news on the surgery and congress needs to start hearings over this airplane fiasco.

(might keep em busy so they can't wreck anything else)

Anniee451 said...

Some very reassuring science from a very knowledgeable registered nurse dedicated to assuaging false fears in the public. It will likely interest you :)

Anniee451 said...

By the way I remember the Swine Flu epidemic in the 70s - who turned back the clock? LOL

The stunt with the planes is unconscionable. All for the sake of a pretty picture. No warning. Even though they knew it would cause a panic. It's sure good to know that Obumbles is surrounding himself with good, competent people - I thought GWB did a good job with that, but Bambi's leaving him in the dust, eh? I blogged about it under the heading "Buzzing Terrorists - UPDATE."