09 April 2009

Following Up

The Maersk ship Alabama is now underway minus her skipper.

Her skipper is being held hostage by four pirates in the ship's disabled lifeboat.

The crew had bartered to exchange one of the pirates for the captain. The crew turned over the pirate, and the pirates reneged on their side of the deal.

(Cue Johnny Depp's character Captain Jack Sparrow saying "Pirate...")

Now the USS Bainbridge is on scene and the US Navy has taken over negotiations. My opinion is that their negotiating team should be US Navy SEALs*, but they have sent for FBI negotiators.

Maybe one of them will be Lon Horiuchi.

*Update - did I call that one or what?

Official US Navy photo


none said...

They just need to sink that lifeboat..everyone knows the skipper is the only one on there that can swim.

Larry said...

That was my idea too, tip the damn thing over and just go after the skipper, let the rest drown.

MAS1916 said...

Don't sink the lifeboat! Obama will just have to apologize to the pirates for violating their human rights. He would also have to apologize for using water in an act of torture.

Larry said...

The sad thing is, I believe he would.
Thanks for dropping by!