09 April 2009

On The Home Front

Mother in law is improving. She's still on the vent, but today she's being moved to a long-care hospital that specializes in respiratory therapy.

The wife is staying while I head back up north for the weekend. I'll come back after Easter to bring her car back to her, and I'll bring the youngest son and youngest daughter with me.

It looks like the wife will be here for 3 or 4 weeks, then she will have to come back home for a chemo treatment, a week to recover from that, and then right back down again.

When mother gets out of the hospital we will make plans to move them closer to the Refuge. That way we won't have to scramble if something new comes up. I know that will be better for the wife's peace of mind.


Anniee451 said...

All my best wishes to you all, and a special prayer for your well-being.

Larry said...

Thanks Annie, it is appreciated.

cary said...

Prayers for all involved, with a focus on the travelers - watch out for the idjits on the road, man.

Larry said...

Thanks Cary. Lotsa idjits, but I managed to make it unscathed.