08 April 2009

To The Crew

of the Maersk Alabama:

Well done.


none said...

I wonder how they got the ship back.

I don't understand why anyone uses that shipping route anymore.

And why in the heck are we shipping aid to Africa when so many Americans are losing their jobs, homes and life savings?

James said...

Maybe they need to re-think their policy:

John Reinhart, CEO and president of Norfolk, Va.-based Maersk Line Ltd., said the crew carried no weapons as part of a company policy.

It worked out OK this time. What about next time?

Larry said...

I don't know about Maersk Lines company policy, but I saw on the news that the Maritime Academy that trains merchant seamen is including weapons training as part of the course materials now.
The Maersk crew was able to overcome the pirates without injury, this time, but next time could very well have a different outcome.
If they are going to have a no-guns policy, I guess they should stick to parts of the open ocean where there aren't any pirates. It's easy to stay on your high horse when there isn't anyone trying to pull you down off of it.

Larry said...

Hammer, they took the ship back by brute force, 20 crewmen against 4 pirates. I don't know why we keep sending shipping that close to Somalia, I don't know why we haven't stationed a flotilla of destroyers off the Somalian coast, I don't know why we haven't sent the Marines in to clear the whole damn place out, and I don't know why we keep sending aid anywhere while our economy is ailing. It's all politics and BS.