14 April 2009


Since I'm now a paid media shill (thanks Annie!) I was watching Fox News just now as they discussed the tea parties tomorrow. I must say that the leftists are making some pretty funny points.

First, the accusation that these are not "grass roots" but are being paid for and organized by, among others, Freedom Works. According to Freedom Works, they have helped with getting the necessary permits, but have paid for nothing, and would love to be able to claim credit for the whole Tax Day Tea Party phenomenon, but unfortunately can't.

(Note to self, rant for another day: why the hell do we need permits to exercise the first amendment right to peaceably assemble? Tie this in with the permits required to exercise the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.)

This is funny because no one complains when groups like ANSWER pay for and organize leftist protests, even going so far as to bus people in and pay them for their time to get them to protest, but if the right wing organizations just help with permits it's suddenly a huge problem. Hypocrisy, thy name is leftist asshat.

Next, the guest lefty "questions the timing" since Bush ran up gazillion dollar deficits year after year and the Right barely noticed. Apparently he hasn't been paying attention. Not surprising since the people on the Right have jobs, and so we don't usually have time for protests (and the ones we do have don't get the media coverage).

We just vote. Or not, as the case may be. Ask all those free-spending Republicans why they aren't in office any more. Actually, don't, because they think they just weren't successful appealing to the center. The real reason is, if we want politicians who spend like Democrats, we will just elect a bunch of Democrats. Or do nothing to prevent them from being elected, which amounts to the same thing.

But speaking of the huge Bush deficits, I would like you to direct your attention to this chart, which has been helpfully provided on several blogs:

Take a look at the actual deficits from 2004-2007. Although you wouldn't have known it from the regular mainstream media or from the leftist that was the guest on this Fox News segment, the deficits were trending towards the zero mark, not increasing. When the bailouts and other government interference bills were passed in 2008 there was much squawking by the right side of the political spectrum, but the squawking went unnoticed (apparently because there were no staged protests with anti-Bush content, so the MSM ignored it).

So, the last Bush deficit in 2008 ends up being 450 billion, and the first projected Obama deficit is going to be over 1.6 trillion. That seems to be a good reason to have an anti-tax rally.

I would also like to direct your attention to the 2002-2003 time span in the above graph. This is when the Republicans began to spend like Democrats, which ended badly for them. When President Bush finally found his veto pen things started to go in the right direction, but it was a too-little-too-late deal.

The "Most Ethical Congress Evah!" was elected in 2006 and took power in 2007. 2007 went pretty well, but 2008 is when things really started to go sideways. This ended badly for John McCain, as you might remember. Obama campaigned on reducing the deficit, reminding the voting public at every available opportunity that the Republican congress run amok had spent us all into the poorhouse.

A Democrat congress running amok will, on the other hand, spend us into peace and unimaginable prosperity. This will be the first time in history that spending will lead to untold riches, but the Obamiester is a lightworker, after all.

Make fun of us "teabaggers" if you wish, but we are hoping that our government will pay attention. That is why we are doing this, not to overthrow the government, not to topple the Obama administration, and certainly not for the spots on the six o'clock news.

See you at the tea party!

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