14 July 2010


That's how many hours are left on the Mustang countdown.

The car is actually at the dealership right now, apparently the driver of the rollback got to the New Jersey dealer before closing time last night and got an early start today. The car is in for final prep right now, getting it's state inspection and a wash and polish.

The GT decklid trim panel did not get here yet, but as it is a dealer installed option it shouldn't take long to put it on so I'll bring the car back to them next week for that.

I pick it up tomorrow at 4:30.

UPDATE: The GT decklid trim panel has been canceled. After seeing the car in all of it's bright red glory, I realized that it was unnecessary.


Brigid said...

Let'e see, Pick it up at 4:30 and your next post will be sometime in May of 2011 :-)

Have fun!!!!

Larry said...

Yeah, that sounds about right...
Thanks for dropping by Brigid!

Anonymous said...

This should find you pacing the dealer's floor saying, "HURRY THE HELL UP!!!"

Even if it's 104F in the shade, I fully expect you to drive that Pony outta there with the top down.

Some advice from a former drop-top Pony owner- Keep a small container of sunblock in the ride, and if you park it w/ the top down in the Sun, flip your seat forward... it'll keep your bacon from getting fried on the leather when you get back in.

Also, read the manual about stowing the top. My '89 said to tuck and fold certain parts a certain way to prolong the life of the top. Not doing these things will lead to premature holes developing in the material.

The only reason I'm not completely jealous of you is the fact I sold my Pony so I could get a Harley.

I expect you to show up in the ONT with a grin on your face a sandblaster couldn't remove...

Larry said...

The Pony went topless before it left the dealer's building.

I'll have more than a grin IYKWIM (AITYD).

Thanks for dropping by Forger!