25 July 2010

At The End Of The Week

TDP still will not start, all of it's timing components are verified good and in the right place. It's not building compression, so it looks like the engine was interference fit after all and will need to have it's head taken off and rebuilt. So, off with it's head!

The banana did fine towing the trailer to Middle Daughter's house and her lawn is now cut. Mine is as well. Youngest son had a ball driving the lawn mower, so that worked out well, too. The riding lawn mower's deck just barely fits on the 4ft wide trailer, there is absolutely no room side-to-side to play with.

The new tent has been dried and stowed away, we were going to test it this weekend but decided not to. We did get some fishing in yesterday after the lawn work but only managed to terrify a few worms. No fish were harmed - or even mildly annoyed - in the process.

Today it's back to work.

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