21 July 2010

Even On My Days Off, I'm Busy

Eldest Son has had TDP apart twice in the past two days, the timing chain looks right but the engine will not start. It acts like it wants to, and if you try a full-throttle start it will catch for a few turns and then die with a BANG and puff of black smoke from the tailpipe. It acts just like the valve timing is off a couple of teeth. Tomorrow he's going to pull all of the gears off and make sure they haven't broken any locating pins.

I installed the hitch on the 'boat today and got the trailer for it. Installing a Subaru hitch on the Subaru Baja is a snap, as it should be, and the trucklet hauls the trailer well. Anything that won't fit in the bed with the bed extender will certainly fit on the 4x7 trailer, and if it doesn't I guess I didn't need it anyway.

The other day I was backing the Subi out of the driveway, being very careful of that bright red Mustang, and I rubbed the left front corner of the Subi against the right front corner of Middle Daughter's Mercury. The only thing that happened was a little paint transfer, but when I went to get some touch-up paint the parts store didn't have any Subaru colors. Fortunately Chrysler's Radiant Silver Metallic is a dead match for the Subaru silver.

The headrests came in for the Mustang, and they don't fit. The headrest posts for the 10/11's are thicker and set closer together. No one seemed to know this before, but now I do. It only cost me a pair of Franklins to find out (grrrr). Hopefully I can find someone with an 05-09 that wants a set of tilting headrests in black, if not there is always Ebay!

I bought a new tent and put it up to Scotch Guard it. I did the rain cover separately, and wouldn't you know it the rains came down while the rain cover was off of it and went right into the open mesh top of the tent. So I had a bunch of water to get out of it. Out comes the shop vac!

The shop vac lasted just long enough to get the water out, and then the motor locked up. It's been going for a while, I'm just surprised it lasted as long as it did. I went down to the hardware store and got the next size bigger to replace it.

On the menu tonight, spaghetti with meatballs. On the agenda, a couple of beers and then a nap.

And that's what I've been up to today.

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