09 July 2010


The pony is in Butler, New Jersey.

I will have it Monday.

OK a few more details. This morning I went first to the Subaru dealer where I completely forgot about ordering the fuel door cover but did order the jack that is missing from the car and a trailer hitch. On the way back I stopped by the Ford dealer.

I was planning on ordering the car and not seeing it for a couple of months, but the sales rep said "Not so fast, let's do some checking around. The new shipment of cars went out this week."

First they found a maroon one like the one I have pics of, it has all the options I wanted plus one that I didn't (remote start). I could have lived with the different color and the extra option, but it had been damaged as it was being taken off the transporter. Grrr!

Next they found a race red one, it has all the options that I wanted and none that I didn't. It is exactly the car that I would have ordered if I was going to order the car I wanted, and it was available to be shipped to the local dealer.

The only problem is that it's 400 miles away in New Jersey, so it won't be here until Monday. They are sending a rollback after it (they usually just have someone drive it, but for that distance they will transport it). I told the sales rep that I wasn't planning on having the car for 4-8 weeks, so a couple of days is nothing.

It's going to be a long weekend...


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate it when I have to wait for a new toy. With me, it's usually cameras or computers.

Congrats on getting it sooner than you expected. Now stop watching the clock; you'll just make the time pass more slowly.

Larry said...

Watching the clock you say? I don't know what you mean...
(two more days...)
Thanks for dropping by lizardbrain!