12 July 2010


No Mustang for me today.

It all has to do with emissions. New Jersey requires more strict emissions than North Carolina, so the dealer here had nothing that would meet New Jersey's emissions standards to trade with the dealer in New Jersey. As a result, the dealer here wasn't able to get the car from New Jersey.

All is not lost, however. Somehow a dealer in Maryland got involved. They have the more stringent emissions and wanted a car from the North Carolina dealer. They were selling the car to a customer in Virginia so it doesn't need the more stringent emissions, but all their cars have it for their in-state customers.

So in a round-robin type horse trade the Maryland dealer is sending a car with the more strict emissions to New Jersey for the Mustang, the New Jersey dealer is sending the Mustang here, and the North Carolina dealer will send a car to Maryland.

The rollback leaves tomorrow for New Jersey.

The new date is Wednesday the 14th.


Mike Mendez said...

Is this like a game of 3 card monte? Which card is the mustang?

Larry said...

I think it's the one that the magician reveals at the end saying "Is this your card?"
Thanks for dropping by Mike!