28 July 2010


Lately the IT gnomes at work have been tightening up on the old Internet usage. Used to be that Firefox was relatively unshackled, but all that has changed.

What is surprising is how some sites are classified (or not, as the case may be). For instance, I can still get to Ace's place (on mu.nu) as long as I don't care to see any comments (which are on minx) because they are classified as pornography. (If you have ever participated in some of the epic Over-Night Threads you might see how this is somewhat justified, but for the most part Maet keeps a pretty close eye on things.) McGoo's place, however, is completely unblocked (even the one that should be - oh yeah, that's definitely an NSFW link).

Social networking sites like Facebook and Photobucket are blocked for being social networking sites, as is Blogger's own photo storage site Picasa. Blogger itself is OK though, as are most of the Blogger sites (such as this one).

The biggest shocker though is Brigid's place. A click from work on her link gets a blocked message for...


illegal drugs????


Something tells me they don't let the IT gnomes out of the cage much.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Brigid's place? Oh my.

But then think about it a moment. Her writing is captivating, addicting, mesmerizing. And then there are the recipes. Some of those are addicting too.

But that is too funny! Illegal drugs? Heh!


Larry said...

Yes jw, it was certainly a WTF moment.
Thanks for dropping by!

LC Aggie Sith said...

Something tells me the IT dept is comprised of two squirrels and a nut ;)

Larry said...

Maybe one squirrel with TWO nuts!
Or maybe they're ALL nuts!
Thanks for dropping by Aggie!

Jennifer said...

LOL! We've got some similar issues around here. A friend's blog is blocked under "traditional religions." She's absolutely not a religion blogger.

Larry said...

Gotta love those selective filters.
Thanks for dropping by Jennifer!