13 July 2010

Another Unavoidable Delay

The rollback left Wake Forest, NC this morning on it's way to a dealer in an undisclosed location in Maryland with a car on it bound for that dealer. When it gets there, that car will get dropped off and another loaded on.

With the second car loaded, the rollback will proceed to Butler NJ, arriving after the dealer there has closed for the night. The tired driver will stay the night and go on to the dealer in the morning, where he will drop off the second car and load the Mustang.

Wednesday morning, after the Mustang is loaded, the rollback will begin it's return to Wake Forest NC, arriving sometime Wednesday evening, very likely after the dealer in Wake Forest has closed up for the night.

Thursday morning the Mustang will be unloaded from the rollback and go into the shop at the Wake Forest dealer. It will get the GT rear decklid trim panel installed and then get washed, waxed and detailed.

Thursday afternoon Middle Daughter will drop me off at the dealership around 4:30PM where I will sign the final papers, write the final check, and drive away in the Mustang. Daughter is disappointed that she will not get to drive the car on Thursday, but she will survive the ordeal.

So that's the new plan. I certainly hope God is done laughing now.

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