25 August 2013

Save The Drive-In

Yes, there are still a few of them out there, considerably fewer now than there were. One of them is local to me in nearby Henderson NC, but they are also on the endangered species list. The film industry is going digital so they need a new projector, and the expected cost is around 80 grand.

However, there is hope in the form of a contest where 5 lucky drive-ins will get new projection equipment based on a vote from the general public. If you don't have a local drive-in to vote for I'm sure that Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre would appreciate your vote.

You can vote once a day until September 8th, so vote often!

Thank you.


Robert Fowler said...

My first date was a double with a set of twins. We went to the drive-in. A lot of memories were made there.

We have one about 25 miles from here. Those were the days.

A side note, when I lived in Texas, we had a drive in on the north side of Ft. Worth that showed adult movies. My 1st wife and I used to go once a month. Those memories can't be talked about in polite company.

Is She Dangerous said...

I was sad to see the one that is close to me wasn't even on the list to vote for, actually they only show Colorado has having one drive-in and that's not true.

Larry said...

Robert, I understand completely. :D

ISD, the only ones on the list are the ones that have applied to the program for help. Hopefully that means the rest of them are doing well enough they don't need the assistance.