10 August 2013

Vexing Issues

So here's a problem for you tech-savvy folks to chew on.

I'm running Firefox on both my Vista laptop and my new Windows 8 machine. When I open the blog on the laptop my navbar at the top shows my email address and all such things while I'm signed in as it should. On my Windows 8 machine it only shows the "Create Blog" and "Sign In" links as if I'm not signed in, but if I hit the "Sign In" link it takes me right to my dashboard.

If I open the blog in either IE or Chrome the navbar shows the logged in info as it should, but I don't like IE for the hacking issues and Chrome wants to integrate every-blessed-thing and won't let me use my Gmail addresses...which I have two of because it seems that every time I open Gmail it won't let me into my own account (keeps saying "that username is already taken"...why yes, yes it is... by ME!!!).

So if I want into my gmail account I have to log out of blogger, and if I want into my blogspot account I have to log out of gmail because I can't be in both at the same time...and if that's not enough...you can't associate a Gmail address (which is GOOGLE, FFS!) with a google account...

Time to move on to another platform, I know, but I fear change.

UPDATE: Got it. You have to enable 3rd party cookies, which I'm not really too happy about.

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