09 August 2013

Mission Accomplished

I’m usually not one to wear my activism out where everyone can see it, in fact I’m a bit of an introvert and if I can avoid attracting attention I do so.

There are a few things in which I believe passionately, however, and in the cause of freedom I am most ardent. I have a North Carolina Concealed Handgun Permit, and if you see me out and about you can rest assured that, if it is legal to do so, I am carrying. North Carolina just passed legislation expanding those areas, in fact, and I am joyfully awaiting the time that I can enjoy a pasta dinner without having to become a potential defenseless victim.

Despite all the hype and hysteria regarding guns and concealed carry we, as a group, are more law abiding than policemen. You have nothing to fear from those of us who have jumped through the requisite hoops in order to exercise a Constitutionally guaranteed right unless you intend mischief on us or ours. I am therefore pleased to support Starbucks in their decision to honor local laws regarding the carry of weapons regardless of the shrillary of the antis.

They support other causes that I disagree with, but it is refreshing to see a corporate entity who does not cave, and they deserve our support for this at least. They are not pro-gun, they are instead steadfastly neutral. They have the right to support causes that I do not agree with, and in turn they agree to support (or at least not oppose, which amounts to the same thing) my right to causes in which they may not agree.

This is the very definition of tolerance in my lexicon and I can only hope that other corporate entities will eventually choose to join Starbucks in this decision.

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