28 August 2015

Grey Man

OldNFO has a third book out. Go check it out.


22 August 2015

One More Time

This is the last time I'm going to do this.

The deed will be done October the first.

14 August 2015


I'm in Florida at the moment, we've had the two oldest grandkids for the week and brought them back Wednesday. Yesterday we met the youngest grandchild for the first time.

Laura Ann was born Monday, August 10th just in time for my mother's birthday which was on the 11th. Her mother was the one who swore she would never have kids, and that if she ever got the maternal instinct she would borrow one of her nephews and get over it. Both of the ones in the last two pictures are hers.

Welcome to the world baby girl, your PopPop loves you.

04 August 2015


Back home, another year older, and back to work.

Oh well, vacation was nice while it lasted.

Maybe this will cheer me up...

Yeah...that helps.

Have a great day everyone!