07 September 2023

How Liberty Dies


 Electronic locks are sketchy at best, especially gun safe locks. Let's face it, if you have an electronic lock the entire thing can just be taken off the door, and if the correct power is applied to the plug the damn thing will unlock.


Just because an electronic lock on the gun safe is sketchy doesn't mean the manufacturer should have a back-door code, and just because they have a back-door code doesn't mean they should supply it to the Feds just because they ask for it.

Yes, they had a warrant. For THIS GUY'S property, not for EVERY safe that is out there. But, thanks to their decision, every Liberty safe with an electronic lock is now compromised. Liberty should have shrugged and said "Why should we have this guy's combination?" and let it go at that. Instead, they chose to be the Bud Light of gun safes.

Let's see how that works for them.