30 September 2009

"Not Yours To Give"

In comments at the Rott in a post about the generosity of FedEx, commenter AyUaxe linked a little gem from The Life of Colonel David Crockett (yes, that Davy Crockett), US Representative from the state of Tennessee.

A small excerpt:

"The people have delegated to Congress, by the Constitution, the power to do certain things. To do these, it is authorized to collect and pay moneys, and for nothing else. Everything beyond this is usurpation, and a violation of the Constitution."

This quotation is credited to one Horatio Bunce, a resident of Col. Crockett's district, as an explanation of why he, an influential member of that district, could not support Col. Crockett's re-election.

Col. Crockett took these words to heart, and was a valued member of the House of Representatives. We would be a very fortunate people indeed if our current crop of Congressmonkeys could understand the sentiment expressed in Mr. Bunce's words.

Go ye now to juntosociety.com and read these words in their fullest. You will not be disappointed in them, although you may be a bit discomfited with our current representation.

And in that vein, I add fellow North Carolinian The Knight Shift to the old blogroll for his entry here, in which he demonstrates that 1) he gets it, and 2) you don't have to be a lefty to miss the mark.

26 September 2009

Good Riddance

to bad garbage.

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Dirty Hippies

But there was no need to repeat myself.

Clicking on the title to this post will take you to Gateway Pundit, where you can see the difference between the conservatives having a gathering and the liberals having a gathering.

Or in other words, the difference between adults getting together and children having a play-date.

The adults clean up after themselves.

New Link

The Indentured Servant Girl has the Hannah Giles sex tape!

Because RSM shouldn't get to have all the fun.

24 September 2009

Cash for Clunkers


In The End

There will be only smoke-free chaos.

By the by, who is it exactly that passes laws?


Barack Obama campaigned on the promise that he would not raise taxes.

There is much discussion about the net that he is going to do exactly that, in the form of additional fees on a lot of things. During a 5 show whirlwind tour last weekend President Obama used the defense that since they weren't called "taxes" then they weren't, in fact, taxes. This is largely regarded as lipstick on a pig.

All of the legislation passed since his ascension, in addition to the bailout passed in the time of his predecessor, adds to the bill that will eventually come due, as all bills eventually do.

But, in his defense, he is absolutely right. He will not raise any taxes, in the same way that George W. Bush (and Ronald Reagan before him) never cut any taxes. He will only approve (or veto, fat chance) the legislation mandating those tax increases that passes over his desk.

So, who will it be that actually increases your taxes? For the answer, let me direct your attention to this document:

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States"
US Constitution, Article 1, Section 8

The main problem with the United States today lies with the fact that the American people are unaware of how their government is actually supposed to work. In large part they cannot number the branches of government, much less name them. Listing the responsibilities, duties and limitations of each branch is right out.

If you don't know how it's supposed to work, how can you tell if it is, in fact, working (or not working, as the case may be)?

If there is another person in the room as you read this, ask them the following questions. For that matter, answer them yourself. Chances are, unless they are a nerd like me or a naturalized citizen, they will not be able to answer them.

1. How many Senators represent each State?
2. What Congressional district do you live in?
3. How many Congressional Representatives are there for that district?
4. Name the people referred to in questions 1 and 3.

Not only can most Americans not answer the preceding questions, most of them cannot be bothered to care about the answers. All of them complain, and since everyone knows who the President is, for good or ill, he gets the blame (or credit).

If you don't know who is responsible for what, how can you be expected to vote intelligently? That is the underlying reason for all the problems the US now faces. And the inevitable result is this.

And yes, I can answer all four questions. Without looking it up.

19 September 2009


Happy Talk Like A Pirate day, ye scurvy dogs.

I had a picture to put up here, so I did, but I thought t' would be a bit much for the kiddies.

Ye click it at yer own peril, so ye do. Ye have been warned.

Call It What You Want

Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan calls it "government run health-care" and explains why it's wrong.

18 September 2009

How To Feed The World

Iowahawk has a well deserved reputation for bringing on teh funneh. But, every once in the while he shows his serious journalistic roots.

He has done so here, with a report of the death of an Iowa farmer. Not just any Iowa farmer, but noted agronomist and Nobel Peace Prize winner (when such things actually meant something) Norman Borlaug. He was 95.

His greatest contribution to the world was showing us how to get more yield per acre for grain crops such as wheat. In this simple way, he fed more people than all the past, present or future Live Aid concerts ever given.

You don't feed the hungry by confiscating wealth from the rich and giving that wealth to African dictators. You feed the hungry by showing African farmers how to get the most out of their cropland, and that's what Norman spent his life doing.

Rest in peace Mr. Borlaug. Well done.


Another US Army officer uses the birther movement to try to escape the terms of her contract.

Predictably, it also goes down in flames.

Once more, if an officer in the US Armed Forces does not want to deploy, or otherwise discovers or decides that they can no longer effectively fulfill the terms of their contracts, they can simply resign their commissions.

Of course, this one had just finished med school on the taxpayers dime, so she would have been expected to pay that money back.

On a related issue, her attorney Orly Taitz is batting 1.000 on these cases.

HT: This Ain't Hell

If You Have A Digital Camera

It might be a good idea to invest in a printer for it. Kodak makes one that takes photo cartridges, using photo paper you get as good an image as you would if you took your memory stick to Wal-Mart.

Without the added aggravation of being charged with sexual abuse and having your kids taken away from you for a month, I might add, so you can call that an extra bonus.

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75 Democrats Vote To Support Child Slavery

The House voted Thursday to cut off all Federal funding to ACORN.

Seventy five Democrats voted against the resolution.

The Gunslinger has the story on that.

A constituent of one of the 75 is not pleased.

Smitty at The Other McCain has more ACORN related goodness.

So True

Filed under the heading of "It sucks getting old" we find this entry.

Number three is too painfully true to be as funny as it should be.

Thanks for the reminder Bill. As if I really needed one.

16 September 2009

Obama By Another Name

Franklin Delano X.



Since we're all H8RZ now, we might as well be.

Many places have posted something about it, so far this one is my favorite.

And if you haven't bought the book, what are you waiting for?

(By the way, I have it on very good authority that if someone ponies up a huge bag o' cash, there will be a film version of Monster Hunter's International. Are you listening Bill Whittle?)

Remember, there are five a's in raaaaacism!

Eh. I Got Nutt'n.

I was going to write a long insightful post about this, complete with an analysis of the world economy, maybe with a little bit about the causes of the Great Depression here, including about how the aforementioned Great Depression was also a world-wide event.

But then I didn't so it all flew out of my head, like all of the rest of my really great ideas that would have made me rich a long time ago and allowed me to buy genetically enhanced monkeys that had been crossed with bald eagles to be used in an attempt to take over the world.

Thanks to Tam for bringing it up anyway.

9/12 Rally

So there was a big rally in Washington DC over the weekend.

Beltway Bob didn't notice.

11 September 2009


I remember.

And Happy Birthday to my niece Debbie.

09 September 2009

Snark Attempt - FAIL!

Remember Baghdad Bob?

Robert Gibbs will now be referred to as Beltway Bob in all official Refuge posts.

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04 September 2009

Wine, Women and Song

Red hair and green eyes will be the death of me yet. One or the other will turn me into a stammering idiot (according to the wife that's my normal state anyway) but the two of them together means trainwreck for sure.

The first little girl I fell for, way back in the first grade, was a redhead that barely acknowledged my existence at all. She was my classmate all the way up through high school. I never told her.

My first serious girlfriend was also a redhead. She hated being called a redhead, she preferred "strawberry blond." She's gone now, taken from us way too soon at twenty eight years old. I wish I could talk to her just one more time.

The green eyes come in right after high school. My first wife was green eyed, she broke my heart around 1988. Suffice it to say that I was in the Navy, she didn't like it, she figured out before I did that I was going to do 20, she found a way out. It took a while, but twenty years later I can look at it objectively and without regret.

Soon after that I met a green-eyed goddess. She was the friend of a friend's girlfriend, and I first saw her a mere two weeks following my separation from the first wife. I didn't say anything, mostly due to the aforementioned stuttering idiot problem, but I did remark to my friend that the only thing she would have to do to be absolutely perfect would be to dye her hair red.

I put it right out of my mind after that, after all she was an honest to goodness beauty queen (well, runner up anyway) and I was just an ugly little spud. The next time I saw her, about a month later, she was sporting a mane of auburn locks.

I was still self-absorbed, wrapped in my own little cocoon of self-pity, and I wasn't as good to her as I should have been. Still, she lifted me back onto my feet and proved to me that life wasn't over, that there was still plenty of life to be found out there.

Then, as soon as she was there, she was gone. I still miss her sometimes, and I'm a better man for having known her. I just wish I could have told her so.

In the book "The Great Hunt" Thom Merrilin tells Rand Al'Thor that one of the women he meets at a party "would give you an education such as every young man should have at least once in his life, if he can live through it."

My education came about at the age of 24. She was in her early 40's, recently divorced, her husband had left her for a woman about my age and she was feeling alone, unloved and unlovely. It was my task to prove that even though she may be alone, she was not unlovely. In that, I did for her what my beauty queen had done for me, and the education I received was well worth any price of admission. Happily I lived through it, although at times it was certainly a close thing.

She later married a wonderful man who took proper care of her until the time of her death, once again too soon. She died surrounded by those who loved her, in the company of a man who thought her lovely, and her final days were filled with happiness. I will always remember the sparkle in her deep green eyes.

I met my current wife about sixteen years ago. Red of head, red of temper, she kicked holes in my sandcastle walls and took me completely by storm. Before I knew it I was completely overwhelmed, and life just hasn't been the same since.

TROUBLE - Travis Tritt

Tonight as I crack open a few beers and listen to Bob Seger sing "Those are the memories / that give me a wealthy soul" I remember them.


Here we have another picture of The Anointed One, complete with the holy nimbus cloud around his head.

And where, pray tell, is this picture found?

Is it on the fawning media sites?


Is it on the many "I Love Barack Obama" web pages?

Again, no.

Where then, may you find this picture?

Here you go.

Is that building even big enough for this guy's ego?

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03 September 2009

Oh For Petes Sake

There's a lot of ire in the rightosphere about the leftosphere using the term "teabagger" to refer to those of us who attend tea party events.

Get over it!

Own that term! We are the tea BAGGERS, not the tea BAGGED. If they want to make fun of us for being teabaggers, then they are obviously missing the point...it is they who are being bagged!

Next time someone calls you a teabagger, point that out to them.

Some of the ire is that there are people in positions of power who are using this term and their constituents see them as being crude and boorish. My response to that is to let them appear crude and boorish, and see how they fare come next election time.

At any rate, the use of the word does not harm us unless we let it. Don't let it!

Winner Of Teh Internetz

"Justice is a gallows, built with contemplation and remorse.

Retribution is a lamp post, with spittle and curses, and dogs nipping at your heels."

Read more here.

The Velociworld is not recommended for those who have weak hearts or minds, or for those who are easily offended. If you are the type that looks for things to be offended about, you will likely find plenty of offensive things here. Secure all loose items and keep your arms inside the conveyance at all times. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items, either of a material or non-material nature.

We're All H8RZ Now Part 2

Submitted without further comment.

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