25 April 2013

Erf Day

It was Monday, and I completely missed it. I was at work that day.

Heck, I even drove the Subaru in, the Mustang never stirred from the driveway! I've been seriously remiss.

Good thing Iowahawk is on the job!

UPDATE: And the winner is...

sometimes I wonder about this guys sense of humor.

24 April 2013

Quality Time

These came in today.

I'm surprised at myself, I thought I had mentioned ordering some but now I can't find it. Due to the backlog they took 3 months to get in, but the long wait is finally over.

I also have some .270 Weatherby to reload for one of my co-workers, and now I have .45 ACP to reload for me, so I'm going to spend some quality time with my reloading bench.

But first...off to enjoy the sunny day (and see if I can find some H4895 powder locally).

EDIT: Bonus! Graf & Sons has 6.5x50 brass in stock! No luck on the H4895 but the semi-local MoD has IMR so I'll go down tomorrow and check them out, looks like the quality time will commence tomorrow.

21 April 2013

Nothing More To Add

The "Little Sister of the Gun Blogosphere" proves why she belongs.

Well said.

15 April 2013


When I got up I turned on the news and caught the story of a bomb going off at the Boston Marathon.

May God have mercy on the victims, and the Devil have none for the perpetrators.

12 April 2013

This Lack of Posting

has been brought to you by Glowbull Warming!

Well, sort of.

Back to work this week, after having two weeks off it was kind of tough getting back into it. That's not all bad though, it's been warm and sunny so I've been driving the convertible in to work. I need to stop that, I don't really like to take it to work in case I get into something really dirty, but I haven't been able to help myself. The car I wasn't going to put a lot of miles on now has 55K on the clock.

We're on mandatory overtime right now (not because we need it, because someone down the hall needs it so the managers figure if they need it everyone else does, too...I imagine it will last up until the bean-counters get the bill) so I'll be going in tonight. I'm forcing myself to take the Subaru.

Tomorrow will be nice and sunny, too. I think I'll try to find something to put on the grill.

08 April 2013

End of an Era

The President, the Pope, and now the Prime Minister.

They were instrumental in bringing down the Evil Empire, and now they are gone.

Farewell Lady Thatcher. Britain, and the world, is a poorer place today.

07 April 2013

Hot Buttons

We all have something that provokes an immediate reaction.

Cancer is mine. I hate it with a searing intensity that borders on irrationality.

So when someone asks for help, I can't help myself.

Go here.

All Good Things

Yesterday morning (Saturday) was the first Saturday of the month, which means Cars n' Coffee!

These two photos show the three versions of the car jointly produced by Subaru, Toyota and Scion. Subaru made the motor and drivetrain and Toyota made the fuel injection and did the styling. The only thing Scion contributed, as far as I can tell, is a name badge (but then again, they are owned by Toyota).

Vacation ends today. Back to work tonight.

It was fun while it lasted.

04 April 2013

Springtime in the South

Sunny and kind of cool yesterday (mid to upper 50's), today is 45 and...sleet? Seriously? Good thing I got the lawn mowed early today before it started. Guess the Mustang will stay in the drive tonight, I have somewhere to be this evening but the Subaru is sure-footed.

Starting tomorrow the sun comes back out, and next week is supposed to be in the lower 70's. We will see how much the forecast changes by tomorrow afternoon. (Not that the weatherman would lie, but he has been known to be mistaken.)

03 April 2013

Victory Laps

 The Heart of Carolina Mustang Club met up at Virginia International Raceway today to run some charity laps. This sessions beneficiary was Victory Junction. It was a bit cool, but the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. After two sessions we had a group photo taken with Kyle Petty and presented him with the clubs donation. All together between the donation and the laps we raised a bit over $2000 for Victory Junction. More photos can be found here.

I'm happy to say the Continentals performed well. They don't seem to be quite as sticky as the Pirellis, but for the extra tread life I'll gladly make the trade. Not only that, but the Continental DWS tires have delusions of all-weatherability (DWS means Dry Wet Snow) which is something the summer only Pirellis never even pretended at. I still won't press my luck, after all I have a perfectly good Subaru for nasty weather.

02 April 2013

01 April 2013

By Request

A request has been made to reveal the source of this month's header photo.

I should actually do this for all my header photos, so expect this as a new thing.

Our April header photo is April Macie, comedienne and (of course) redhead extraordinaire. I got the photo here.


Home Base

Traveling is nice, but it's always good to be back home.