15 December 2019

Since We Last Spoke

 Yes, the Baja is broken again. This time it is rod bearings so not an easy fix, the motor will have to come all the way out and I just don't have time to deal with it. Fortunately this time I was only 5 miles from home so it didn't cost me an arm and a testicle to get it home.

 And when I got it home I mentioned to Mrs Hades that perhaps, instead of fixing the Baja, I should just replace it. If nothing else I should maybe get something else to drive until I have time to deal with the Baja. Something that can handle the weather, unlike the 440 HP beast that is the Mustang.

Her being a Jeep gal she said maybe I should do that. And so I idly searched the interwebs while I talked to her and voila! what to my wondering eyes (or wandering eyes, as it may be) should appear but this little beauty, on a very local dealers lot, for a reasonable price. I went by to see it on the 9th, went home and filled out some loan paperwork online with Navy Federal Credit Union, and was approved immediately (much to my surprise; if you ever get a chance to cosign a student loan...don't) so the next day I exchanged cash for keys and now the bank and I are Jeep owners.

And speaking of testicles, on the day I went to pick this up I went to the doc for my annual checkup and found out I'm herniated. So I have that going for me. Surgery to follow on a day yet to be determined.

Also, the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club is once again having a display at Raleigh's Union Station, weekends from 10 AM to 5 PM. If you get a chance please do stop in and see it.