29 June 2010

Drawing Nigh

I have been contacted by a Ford representative concerning the Mustang.

I filled out the information on the Ford website and built the car that I want, and now it's up to them to either find it or have it built.

The basics: 2011 Mustang GT Premium convertible, automatic transmission, 5.0 liter TiVCT V-8 with the California Special trim package 402A.

Must haves: Color, one of three options; race red, red candy metallic, or Kona blue metallic (not available with the CS package). Must have the pedestal spoiler (standard with the CS package), must have the GT deck lid trim panel. Must NOT have HID headlights.

Like to have: Comfort package, which consists of heated front seats and a power adjustable seat for the passenger.

Hopefully the car, or the basic package, is already out there somewhere and won't have to be built (with the 5-6 week lead time). We will see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Watch yer ass first time you head out on wet streets.

Right after I got my 225 HP 5.0 GT drop-top, I was tooling around after a rainstorm and went thru a 4-way stop and got a little heavy on the right foot...

...about 450 degrees later, I completed my 90 degree left turn.

Larry said...

I don't imagine the traction control switch will get used much in this car. They might as well hard-wire it to the "on" position.
I'm old enough now to believe in my own mortality.
Thanks for dropping by FORGER!