29 June 2010

Making Friends

As if we needed any more proof that Congressional and Senatorial term limits is an idea who's time has come, Pete Stark (D-CA, of course) proves himself to be a condescending arrogant cod who needs to be reminded that he serves at the pleasure of the plebes called "the constituency."

If he had asked me "Who are you going to kill today?" I probably would have provided scads of news fodder by saying "Maybe you, you arrogant *@&#$." It seems that this Minuteman conducted himself with a bit more decorum than I might have been able to do.

Kudos to the unidentified Minuteman. Heaps of scorn upon the head of Pete Stark, Democrat congresscritter from the wasteland that was once the Golden State.

HT: Big Dick from comments at The Rott. Be warned, Big Dick is not for the faint of heart.


Moose1942 said...

The fact that California would keep electing such an @$$hole goes to show how close to the precipice they are.

Apparently Pete Stark (not to be confused with Tony Stark) lives in fantasy land where unicorns fart rainbows.

So if Tony Stark is Iron Man, what does that make Pete Stark? Irony Man?

Larry said...

I could think of a few other names for him.
Thanks for dropping by Moose!