07 June 2010


We had Laura's memorial today (well, technically yesterday since it's almost 2AM). I think it was just like she would have wanted it.

She touched a lot of people, and it was good to see. It was most gratifying to see my old Navy buddy and Brother-From-Another-Mother Will and his wife there. This is a testament to the way she affected people, he dropped everything he was doing and they made the trip literally at the last moment just to be there.

I miss her desperately, but I was glad to share her with all of them.

Will, you and Jackie have some beautiful kids. Thanks for bringing them by.


Anonymous said...


I think the memorial is a great idea. It sounds like Laura was a wonderful person, and I am so glad that she is in peace now. You said the most profoundly important thing earlier when you alluded to her pain being over finally. The pain and discomfort associated with cancer is truly obscene. Though I didn't know her, I admire Laura so much for being able to rise above that pain and live and love with such passion.

She continues to love you, Larry, she just does it without that pain and in a state of peace so deep, so profound, that you and I can't even begin to imagine it.

Because it sometimes helps to know, please keep in mind that I'll be praying a rosary for her, you, and your kids this evening--5:00 Eastern Time.

Hang in there, brother.


Larry said...

Thanks Cowboy, my life is better because I had her for the short time that I did.