19 June 2010


I'm better now. Back to your normally scheduled (sporadic) blogging.

The big thing about this story that I find hysterical is that they are so surprised.

One of the census workers said "I was stunned, I really was, that America is so mad at the government." Apparently no one has been listening as Americans have said "Enough already."

Maybe they will start listening soon.

(And maybe winged primates will emerge from my nether regions, too, but I won't hold my breath.)

HT: Monty, from AoSHQ


cary said...

Nah, as long as there are career politicians in government, instead of statesmen willing to set aside their personal lives for a term or two, We The People will not be listened to.

Larry said...

Very well, it's the flying monkeys then.
Thanks for dropping by Cary!

Mike Mendez said...

Mad at the goobermint? Just because they want to take my religion, my money, my productivity, and my guns. We can now all be equal... equally poor and treated like surfs.
Come to think of it, yes I am mad!

Larry said...

And they are shocked - shocked! that you would be so outraged.
Thanks for dropping by Mike!