26 June 2010

Playing the Ponies

My Mustang showed up in the mail today.

Not the car itself, of course, but the insurance check I was waiting on, or rather the notification that a certified letter was waiting at the post office for my signature.

So Monday I will go get it and on my first day off (Thursday) I will hand carry it to the bank. I will then find out how long the hold is going to be on it, and when the funds are available for my use I will go get the Mustang.

I don't know if I'm going to get the one in the picture that is even now sitting in the dealer's lot or if I will order one. I guess I'll wait and find out when the day comes.

UPDATE: I'm ordering one. It will be a lot like the one in the picture except that it will be bright red (like the rental was) and it won't have the HID(eous) headlights. It will be a California Special trimmed GT like the one pictured, though, with the 412HP 5.0 liter V-8. I just couldn't help myself.

UPDATE II: The order goes in on Monday, July 5th or Tuesday, July 6th depending on if the bank counts Friday the 2nd as a business day or not.

UPDATE III: The funds won't be available until Wednesday morning. I see the Ford dealer on Friday, July 9th.


Mike Mendez said...

Be careful with a red sports car, every cop in the state will be eye-balling you.
Having said that - have fun!

Larry said...

You know they will, especially with the obnoxiously eye-catching shade of red that I'm planning on getting it in.
Having said that - I certainly will!
Thanks for dropping by Mike!