08 June 2010

Special Moron(ette)s

Thanks roonz and roonettez. I'm gobsmacked.

923 hits in the two hours (10PM to midnight EST) that Sitemeter counts for last night. I guess that qualifies as an ONT-alanche.

See you all back on the ONT real soon.


www.sfcmac.wordpress.con said...


I got here via Ace o' Spades. I'm very sorry to hear of your wife's passing. Just reading your words to and about her is enough to give a total stranger a good idea of what a great person she was. Come back to the ONT as soon as you can.

Take care.


tree hugging sister said...

All our biggest hugs and warmest wishes are with you and yours, Larry.

Larry said...

Thanks all.

Blazer said...

You certainly didn't think the morons wouldn't have your back did you?

We're all family, brother.

Larry said...

I certainly did think they would Blazer, I just didn't expect it to be so overwhelming. I guess I should have known better.
Thanks for dropping by!