08 June 2010

Preparing To Launch

She's home.

I picked her up a little after ten and we came home in the convertible. I took the long way home and talked to her the whole way until a thought occurred to me.

When her mother got home her dad put her on the dresser and talked to her for six weeks. Laura was worried about her dad. "He's talking to a box!" she would say. So there I was, talking to a box.

We will go down tomorrow, continue to Bushnell on Thursday, and come back up on Friday. Both middle daughter and youngest son are coming along. We will stop and say hello to Pop on the way, but he hasn't decided if he wants to come along to Bushnell or not.

It's been tough on Pop, he's lost his wife and daughter both just in the past 13 months. He's having heart trouble again and I'm more than just a little worried that he won't last very much longer. Eldest daughter lives an hour away from him, so she will keep a close eye on him.

So there are the plans. Men make plans and the gods laugh.


Teresa in Fort Worth, TX said...

Have a safe trip - God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to express my sympathies to you and your family. May God bless you and keep you.

George "Moron in Training" Bowden

Larry said...

Thanks Teresa and George.
Keep up the good work George, you will be a full fledged moron in no time!
Thanks for dropping by!