17 June 2010

A Final Resting Place

I got the notification in yesterday's mail. Laura did indeed get the spot right next to Mom.

I would like to thank the staff at Florida National Cemetery in general, and retired Senior Chief Aldridge in particular, for service above and beyond the call of duty.

A formal letter has been sent to their director saying the same.

My parents and sibs, before they left, gifted me with a memorial bench and a hibiscus plant in Laura's memory. Today I found a place for both by clearing a small grove of overhanging branches and leaves.

She has been gone for two weeks.


Ag said...


B, from "home on the range", made reference in her blog today to your wife's passing 2 weeks ago.

I felt the need to tell you that I am sorry for loss. From reading your blog it seems that you are dealing well. Go get that Mustang.

Take care.


Larry said...

No need to call me sir Ag, I was an enlisted man (I worked for a living).
Brigid is a great writer, and I really enjoy her site. It's a refreshing moment of rest in a hectic world.
I miss Laura greatly, but she's in a better place now.
I fully intend to get that Mustang very soon.
Thanks for dropping by.