03 August 2012

You Have The Right

to be an asshole in public.

You do not have the right to drag your employer into it.

Adam Smith was not fired for being an asshole in public. He was fired for bringing discredit upon his employer. His employers reaction was entirely appropriate and predictable.

The young lady at the window deserves all the credit she has been given. She was calm and professional throughout the entire exchange, even though you could tell there towards the end she was having to struggle to remain that way. Well done. You are an example for all in customer service to follow.

And as a final note, it's not censorship until the government goons come and take you away. No .gov involvement means no 1st Amendment violation.


agirlandhergun said...

I was so impressed with her as well. Good for her!

Larry said...

Yep, she did well. Grace under fire.

Thanks for dropping by AGirl!