20 August 2012

My Precious

I got the call this afternoon.

The only flaw is the replacement wheel is the wrong color, a mistake when it was being reconditioned. A replacement is being ordered and should be here Friday.

Until then I'm debating whether I should drive it to work or not. I don't usually drive it to work because I can get really dirty there, but I haven't driven it for over two weeks.

Gee...I wonder what I will do...


agirlandhergun said...


MSgt B said...

You need to let me drive it around for a bit, just to make sure the accident didn't affect the alignment or anything.
Can't be too careful.

Larry said...

Thanks AGirl. MsgtB, that's a mighty generous offer, but I drove it around a bit last night and I think it's all good.

Thanks for dropping by!