03 August 2012

Here's A Question

North Carolina state law prohibits carry, concealed or otherwise, anywhere that a fee has been charged for admission.

I am presently at the skating rink where Youngest Son is meeting his girl. They don't really charge admission, they charge a fee for skate rental. He paid to get in, but I did not. There are no signs clearly displayed that would otherwise prohibit the carry of weapons on the premises.

So since it's not technically a fee for admission, does the prohibition apply?

I guess it would be up to the judge to decide.


Stephen said...

What is 'law,' screw 'em, carry. Just remember, I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

fellowNCcarrier said...

So long as YOU are not charged entry into the area of actual "service" then you are good unless the establishment is posted. Example--anyone may enter the movie theater lobby--gun or no gun. However, in order to enter into the screening area, one must pay admission, therefore, the screening area is off limits.

Earl said...

Those that hate you will say it does apply. Those that respect and love you will never question you carrying or that you thought you were okay. And I am sure that you will get a not guilty from me if I were on the jury. But then I like to think everyone is carrying. Everyone.

Larry said...

Stephen, concealed is concealed. Of course I am admitting nothing.

NC, it wasn't and I wasn't, although I was right there where the skaters were. I guess it would be up to the judge.

Earl, absolutely right and I'd hope for people like you on any jury I'd be in front of.

I just thought it was an interesting question. Thanks for dropping by all!