06 August 2012

Morning Notes

The pony is in the shop. I'm expecting it back in a fortnight, but if it takes longer I'll wait impatiently. They do a good job, but they won't rush it.  That's fine by me.

This jackass that shot up the Sikh temple is being bandied about on the news as an ex-soldier. He was discharged FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!!!! under OTHER THAN HONORABLE conditions. He was no more soldier than I am. He was a low-down despicable substance that passes out of whales and lies on the bottom of the ocean and now he is Satan's personal play toy. He got off easy if you ask me.

Lindsay Graham says he likes Harry. Good enough reason to put him on the ashpile. Of course he does go on to say that what Harry is saying about Mitt and tax returns is wrong, so there is that.

I'm ready for November to get here and be gone.

Off to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.

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