17 August 2012

Now I've Done It

I got a bonus from work. It was a bit more than I expected, which was good.

I bought one of these with it, along with the dies needed for .45ACP. I need to get a few more various things, but this should be enough to get me started.

Since the kit comes with one of these it looks like Range Partner has just acquired one of his own. Now I have to collect my .45ACP brass (or I could just buy it from Range Partner, that might be the better choice for now).

The bonus didn't cover everything but it was close enough.  I am being told there will be an annual bonus as well, so I'll get the rest of what I need with that in a couple of months.

Next step is to clear out some of the OPC* from my shed and build a sturdy bench for everything to mount on.  I have four lightweight benches which can be rebuilt to be two shelves, so that should provide more than enough room.

After that I need to come up with some electricity in the shed and cut a hole for an AC unit so that it's not unbearable in there as I'm working. An extension cord from the outside receptical of the house will do for now, but I want to run a line out from the main fuse panel to do it right. I wonder what that will cost me...

Anyway, I'm expecting a big box of happiness in the next week or so. If the body shop calls today my joy will be complete.

FWIW, the reloading stuff won out over this in the "what should I spend my bonus on" debate. The red coil covers will look kind of plain without the bling, but it will be OK for now.

*OPC = Other People's Crap


Velociman said...

You go man. I so need to start reloading .45ACP. But I'll need to rob a liquor store to pay for the press and stuff, and I need the reloaded ammo to rob the liquor store. So the dog is chasing his tail. Or, in my case, sniffing his ass.

Larry said...

What are you feeding that dog? phew

Thanks for dropping by V-man!