04 August 2012

More Toys

I've been having FTF/FTE problems with the Glock since I got it.

Unfortunately the Glock 36 is somewhat infamous for these things. My malfunctions are more a failure to completely eject the spent brass, the slide cycles forward and the brass gets caught lengthways in the ejector port. I've only had a handful of times where I have had to drop the magazine to clear the malfunction, but it has happened.

The first time was during my CCW qualifications but I thought it was the ammo. The next time was at Tigerswan where I got a lot of practice clearing malfunctions. During the latest range session I tried Range Partner's handloads and had the same issues. In fact, since the handloads were loaded a bit light the G36 would not cycle them at all without jamming them lengthwise in the slide, three shots fired and three identical FTEs.

This convinced me that a lighter spring might fix the issues, so today I sat down and ordered a 15 lb Wolff guide rod and spring set and a recoil conversion insert for it. When they get in I'll install them and try RP's handloads again to see if there is a difference. I'll also go through a Winchester white box of 100 to see if there are any FTEs in a large number of rounds.

I also discovered there is a voluntary recoil spring recall from Glock, so Monday I'll call them and get that going as well.

I sure would like to have this thing work reliably.


MSgt B said...

"I sure would like to have this thing work reliably."

Trade it in and get a Ruger.

That's what I did.

Larry said...

It may come down to that. So far it seems the G-36 has been hit-or-miss. I like having the .45 in a small package like this so I'll try to make it work first.

Thanks for dropping by MSgtB!

Anonymous said...

Geez, Lar, I used to own 3 of the buggers (17, 26, 30) and never had a problem FTE, FTE with any of them?
'Course, I'm large enough that I can conceal a 4" S&W 29 - never felt the need for a Glock 36.
Sorry your're having all that trouble.


Larry said...

They don't seem to have problems with their Europellet slingers or the full-size .45 pistols, only the sub-compact G-36. I really like this gun, so I'm hoping the spring will do the trick.
Thanks for dropping by Guffaw!

cary said...

If you're looking for a concealable .45, look up the Springfield Armory XDM45. It's fun size!

Larry said...

I've heard good things about the Springfield products, I may look into them. Right now I just want to see if I can get this Glock to run.

cary said...

Some people seem to have good results with their Glock, I did not have a good session with two in the service. They were in the process of switching hand guns and asked several of us who had qualified on the 1911 to fam fire Glocks. The one I fired stovepiped (FTE) every third round. The facilitator "suggested" I strengthen my grip on the pistol. Much better - it FTEd every other round. Bench mounted the stupid thing to prove I was holding it wrong, and the facilitator got stovepiped every third round. Yup, must have been my grip. Second pistol they had me try worked well until the last round in the 8-mag didn't feed.

That was the last straw for me, and the last time I shot a Glock. I do have friends who carry and shoot Glocks, but they have had to do a lot of work to get them to cycle correctly.

I am very happy with my XD40, even if I can't quite fit it into my pocket.

Larry said...

I see where the Misguided Children are going back to the 1911 now. I'll have one, one day...
Thanks for dropping by Cary!