15 December 2006

Reuters Joins The Navy

Observe Exhibit A. An obvious fraud. Fauxtography at it's worst.

This photo is purported to be of the Scoundrel and various members of the Line Division, Fighter Squadron Three One onboard Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia circa 1988. Our presence is inferred to the extreme left in the picture. The owner of this malicious bit of forgery is pictured at the extreme right, in the white hat.

We know for a fact that this photo is a scandalous lie. We were never this young. We have proof. Any assurances as to the authenticity of this photo by the photographer or any of those other miscreants pictured forthwith should be dismissed as slanderous fakery. They were, after all, Sailors, and we know how those people can be.

Any of the pictured individuals may contact me immediately via the comments on this post and be rewarded with a hot denial of alleged youth and a cold beverage of choice if ever in the vicinity of the Refuge. In fact, the offer is open to any members of Fighting 31 from 1986-1990. I'd be glad to hear from you.
Photo by John Deck

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