30 March 2007


Good thing the Iranians don't know when we will be attacking...

The UAE says it will deny any use of it's territory to launch air or ground attacks against Iran. Thanks, but we have our own territory to launch air and ground attacks, if we need it.

Why does any one still care about the opinions of idiot celebs? If I wanted to hear from a flatuating buttcrack, I'd eat more beans.

When Republicans do something wrong, they get thrown under the bus by their colleagues. When Democrats do something wrong, they circle the wagons. Maybe Republicans can reconsider their take on that whole presumption of innocence thing.

Democrats claim the November elections gave them a mandate. Neither Republicans nor Democrats understand that the November elections was the American people's way of saying "If we wanted our politicians to be spineless spinning weasels we'd elect them that way".

And now for something totally different.

As I peruse my hitmeter results, I noticed that I have repeat visitors. As in, one or two misbegotten souls wander in here from time to time from the same address!

As it is highly unlikely that these poor darlings would make the same mistake more than, say, five or six times, that means we have a following. Dare we say it? We have regular readers! And you know who you are! Worse than that, WE know who you are!

This, of course, puts us out of sorts concerning this humble space. Since we have people who apparently check up on us once in a while, we feel as if we owe it to them to occasionally have something new to read.

In that vein, I hereby promise to find something, anything, to write about at a minimum of once a week. Which means you will probably get more inane ramblings, much like what you see here.

Totally unrelated photo of the East Broad Top Railroad courtesy of the Scoundrel, taken during Community Appreciation Weekend 2006.

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