14 April 2007

Listen To Your Pappy

"Never miss a chance to shut the hell up."
Tad "Pappy" Cage

OK, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'll admit, I've never read Kat Cobble's blog until now. I've seen her name in comment posts, I've seen her posts linked, but haven't ever really been interested enough to follow them.

In this instance my employer has decided to "rightsize", so I too am in the job market. That's why this post interested me.

The bare bones of the story is this, a recruiting company (also known as headhunters) contacted this woman's husband to set him up for job interviews and such, as headhunters are wont to do. They then had him bring in his wife for the high pressure sales pitch, just before telling him the fee was going to be almost 5 grand.

Headhunters usually get their fees from the companies that they are recruiting for, if not chances are they are scam artists of one vein or another. The aforementioned couple declined the offer to be ripped off, and the wife blogged about it. Hilarity then ensued.

First, from His Imperial Majesty: "Company (JL Kirk & Associates) and law firm (King & Ballow) are about to get an unpleasant lesson in the wisdom of letting sleeping dogs lie."

Second, from Say Uncle: "In other news, don’t send bloggers stuff that makes you look like an asshat. They tend to blog about it."

And finally, the post that started it all from Katherine Cobble.

Fight's on!

Non Sequitur, 9/13/04

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