14 May 2007

Between Jobs

My last day at the old job was Wednesday, I don't start at the new job until a week from Monday, so for these ten days or so I'm officially between jobs.

Being unemployed doesn't mean I have had nothing to do though. My sister and brother in law are in from Iowa, I haven't seen them for going on nine years.

My brother in law wanted to see the aircraft carriers, so Friday we went to Norfolk. Thanks to my retired ID card we were able to get on the pier to see the USS Harry S Truman up close. I was once again amazed by the size of the Nimitz class carriers, and of course Brother in law was thrilled. Wife and sister had a good shopping day at the Navy Exchange as well.

We went down to Darlington for the Dodge Charger 500 on Saturday, got rained out and went back Sunday. A good time was had by all. Sister says she's glad she went, but she won't be disappointed to never go to another one because she can see more and hear the announcers on the TV. Brother in law would rather see the races at the track, and by the time we were heading home on Sunday sister was already talking about "next time".

On the agenda today is a(nother) new starter for the mighty Rampage and the possibility of the Suzuki being re-assembled and fired up. I really hope these carberators work, they have been freshly rebuilt and the battery has been on charge all night. I'll know by the end of the day. If it does fire, tomorrow will be registration and license day and I will once again be on two wheels.

That's about it, a busy couple of days at the Refuge but a good couple of days at that.

Photo of Dodge Charger 500, 2006, at Darlington Raceway by Randall Stewart

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